Friday, June 10, 2011

Nak pi

merapu jer lar kan, i don't know what to write and having had a very good productive day at work. Thought of going to FTAA nak pi borong larian apa yang best, kaki dah mula gatal nak berlari balik. Even though the fear is still hanging at the corner of my mind, well it is something u like to do and u will keep on working on it till it get better kan, mmm.....dah rindu ler nak berlari lari di atas jalan beramai ramai....

yang mana satu pilihan kalbu yer...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

KL Night Towerthon 2011

Happy anniversary run for me, 26 minute ...teruk ek, the run up is fun but the journey way back ..ayo fening ...berebut nak masuk lif...perg...Tee Hee..

The journey up there was like it was back in 2009. It was my first competition..remembering the day, when u don't know what is coming and feeling intimidated by the fellow runners whom are stronger in physique as well as their attire. Aku ni siap pakai organiser tees lagi heheh back then,,,.

If i am not mistaken my time back then was 30 minutes, i had several pit stop for hydration and now i did not take a few ,I guess skipped two of it. Well tak boleh  bawak air but then semuanya bawak dengan selamba nyer ..and some of them even splash it all over their body...WT>>> hello, i am right behind you...well thanks to my previous experience and training  that gave me the edge to run in that claustrophobic situation.

This time , nobody puke at the staircase, but the journey up memang crowded, most of the time i'll be like sight seeing pace..suka suka panjat tangga but looking the other person beside me, OMG look like a dead zombie climbing up stair...kesian tul depa n i..kena paksa masuk ka?

Anyway overall it was a nice journey up but a terrible one down, mana tak nyer...there are only two lifts available for thousands of us, we can't took the stairs cause we will interfere with the ascending runners so tunggu lor...punya lah lama is like an hour of sardine canned environment up there...did not like it at all...

Last but not least it will be a start for this year...will see you guys again at some other selected races....

Happy Training To All

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Redah jer...

Soon it would be my first attempt ...wish me luck

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food and the Joint that I like...

Oops..Some people may not agree with what i am writing here..well first of all some of it may be featured in a health webmag...ouch...any ini hanya lah selingan..please approach the food with caution and do be mindful of the after effects....

Each person have their own version of it . These are mine:-

Nasi Lemak - Mak wanjor at Kampung Baru
Nasi Goreng Kampung - Gerai Milo at Kampung Baru
Roti Canai - Raju in Jalan Gasing
Nasi Kandar - Line Clear and Beratur, Penang
Mee Udang - Sungai Dua, Penang
Char Koy Teow - Gurney Drive, Penang
Chicken Chop - Desa Pandan Stall and Cozy Corner Ampang.
Mee Kong Hoo (somtimes pronounce as mee kung fu) - Cozy Corner Ampang
Nasi Ayam - Yet to find one
Beef Noodle - Taiwanese Noodle House Ampang Point
Double whammy Sandwich -  Zang Toi Cafe Pavilion
Spaghetti Bolognaise - Cooked by my fellow colleague mmm..
Nasi Beryani - Thalapakattu Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Ice cream - Haagen Daaz
Gelato - Lecka Lecka
Tomyam - Tahara Desa Pandan and Kak Mah Kampong Baru
Ikan Bakar  - Pasar Keramat
Ayam Kampung - mmm....Kinrara Kesas Stop over
Mandy rice - Saba
Kuih -  makcik aku wat lagi sedap
Epok sayur - Gerai Kuih mak wanjor kampung  baru
Minang spread - Minang Sayo Taman Melawati
Nasi Dagang  - Kampung ladang KT...rindu sgt,,
Kerpuk Leko - Kemaman
Sata - Kemaman jugok..
Sotong Sumbat - Arwah nenek  buat...OMG to die for..
Laksam - Still can't beat my colleague one...terangkat pekat nyer...
Laksa Johor - yet to find the best one, still longing for my cousin , that is the best i had ever tasted
Pizza - Yellow Cab
Calzone - Pizza Uno (is it still open for business ?..)
Choc Chip Cookies - Famous Amos...
Satay - Haji Ismail Satay, Keramat
Cendol - Mamak cendol tepi jalan Setapak
Burger kampong - Ramli Burger Chow Kit
Apam Balik - Jalan Hospital ( tiap petang)
Sambal Goreng Jawa - mmm Makcik aku wat sedap
Fish and Chip - Manhattan Fish Market
Kelantanese food - RNZ ( in front of  PPZWP's building in Chow Kit)
Tostada Chips - Chillies
Cakes - Still secrete recipe
Currypuff - Old Changkee
Coffee - Old Town White Coffee
Tea - Cameron Highlands
Pastries - Breadtown
Laksa Asam - Gurney drive Penang
Mee Kolok - Some shops in Kuching

Enjoy your food and please do take care of your weight.....


Friday, April 1, 2011

Dream and getting towards it

Everybody has at least a dream , right. Cause having one of these is like a surreal fantasy...weeehoo we are on dreamland where everything is like chocolate..yeah u wish shaqeee. Well mine is and sometimes but always do are... to be known and venturing all over the world. It has always been something i wanted to do when i was a kid...tu pasai aku minat Discovery channel kot. Anyway, it open up your mind to a different prospective of life.

Yeah, working towards your dream is not something these two hands could grab half empty. Sheer determination and sweat like running a marathon kind of thing and giving up is not an option. However, the drawbacks are its only a dream ...kind of lost looking for ways to get there...for awhile. I wish i could have a guidance like a forest ranger that will guide you every step of the way and catch and heal you if you fall.

Having a day job is essential or else macam mana nak makan lor. These day job , sometimes i wish, would be enough to finance my dream, well dream on Shaqee. I need to be in a business in order for me achieve my dream. Some people may find it rather a waste of time and money, ape punye mimpi ler hang ni?. Well it is a dream right , doing things that out of the ordinary or else it would just be day to day life ( in my context of Life). I'm constantly looking for ways to make me rich, these dream of mine is not cheap.

Skills that could help? mmmm..well i could bake. The thoughts of having a bakery had long overdue, pressured by peer ever since i did a my first cheesecake. What a disaster it was baking the first time around..hehehe.. Baking cake is not an easy job and it requires a lot of hardwork as well as money because a good and fresh raw material are often expensive. A good thing always cost more, i believe in giving the best, [i'm so sorry to someone here , i know i owe you one cake..currently the oven had been off for a few months ..sudah rosak maa...(got no balls to tell him..gulp) please feel free to SMS me back so that i could refund double the amount]...I am still raising fund to buy myself an oven and a good mixer to do all the those things are expensive.

A total of RM5000.00 plus a numerous amounts of baking classes needed. I am waiting a windfall this coming August or else i need to apply for a loan. My gearing is kind of high now..mmm and thinking of soft loan..mmm .. Plan Plan Plan ..asyik plan ajer ..when it comes to execution masih lagi cricket sounds coming up ..Come on Shaqee stop planning and start doing. It times to put the plan into action, well you need a plan right to guide you.

Hoping this would be the answer to my dream..thus making me rich to be with people all over the world. Day job funding baking equal to more money to be with my dream.

Just like a marathon runner beating the "wall" that what i should be doing..


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Banyak nyer ...running competition and events flooding my inbox mail...sounds and feel so yummy, mental block still runs high..inside, not progressing well on the road yet. I still feels some stiffness on the left leg whenever i reached the third kilometer..ouch.... I need to add more weight and cross training.. build up more muscle so that the ligament would not be easily torn again. Macam-macam cara den dah cubo..tapi masih belum berjaya lagi.., tapi den tak putus asa teruskan juo..usaha ku.. Aku nak lari Marathon jugak ...lantak ler ape nak jadi den tak leh jalan lagi ke?? eheh..boleh sampai ke situ ke?? Over pulak perasaan ini.

Lame nyer menyepi buhsan ler pulak... nak redah je lar..lantak ler...mmm....Lantak ler ape nak jadi jadi je lar....but kalau tak cedera itu kira bonus ler kan.. yeaahuu..Orang main bola tu ...selalu jer kuar masuk Hospital hehe..boleh jer main lagi.. Keep the spirit running high...positive vibes...

Sometimes u just need to do it without thinking..

....mmmm yang mana satu yer???

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surgery anniversary,,,,,

Yup, it has been a year , wow time do fly so fast when u patiently and anxiously awaiting to be back on the track again. Looking at the progress of others ,made u felt so left out, it all started as just an exercise routine later moves on a  fav free time thing...and ohh how i miss those days when u are burning rubber soles.

If i could see that it was coming , I could just gave myself a good rest or trained well. I guess it  is too late to do that. Looking back at the medals made your mind wonders ,What had happened to me? I guess this is what an athlete felt like when he is crippled by his own injuries. I had decided to faced it, the surgery, well it did not turn out to be as i wanted to be but i had no regrets over doing it. Yeah that is life, sometimes it had no fairness to some, as for me, it felt like the only joy had been taken away. It is hard to keep you head high up.

Looking back on the day , i decided to do it. The butterflies, shivers and the feeling of "what the hell had i done this time?" haha..funny funny ...a wimpy person like me had to go through. Wow what a feeling it was , awake while the Doctor is puncturing your knee and showing to you on screen what its look it was amazing. Something beyond my imagination.

It had been a year....hoping i could be as good as the others soon